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This training is designed to support what is known as the horizontal and vertical evolution. The horizontal evolution is dealt with in Applied Metaphysics level 1, and is the journey of healing patterning, wounding, and the imbalances which are experienced in the third dimension, the physical reality. These wounds and patterns may have their roots in past lives or in the present life, but it is the third dimension with its concept of time as past, present, and future where the horizontal evolution takes place. So, it is here where we must heal these wounds and patterns.

The training covers the mental body, the physical body, and the emotional body. The mental body is dealt with through various tools to eliminate patterning, re balance the masculine and feminine parts of us, bring healing to the inner child, and past lives.

The healing of the physical body happens through an intuitive form of healing where we first learn to read the energies of the body and then to correct them. The use of various tools to support this form of healing is included.

The emotional body manifests in the fourth dimension, the astral, and it is here where we must learn to heal it. The astral work is a non-physical form of healing which is extremely effective and instant. We can deal with imbalances, various forms of consciousness, and many other things here.

The mental body is dealt with through the understanding and clearing of our limiting mental patterns and learning to easily access and work with our subconscious.

The class also covers the tools which help us to keep the energies of our environment in balance.

Each class covers the theory and the practice of all the tools given, which are the tools required to complete the horizontal evolution. These tools can be utilized on ourselves or and applied to others to assist them in their healing.


There are sixteen classes over eight months, with a class every two weeks. The classes are three hours long. They are available in person at certain locations, online and as archived material for a limited time.







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ZAR16000 or USD1032

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Sally Rossiter

“ I was referred to Sally in 2020 for a channeling. This was a profound experience that gave me deeper insight about my journey and relationships in my life. Shortly after I chose to learn from Sally, by signing up for Metaphysics 1. Over a period of 8 months I gained an incredible amount of knowledge, wisdom and a wide range of truly transformative tools. My main objective was to learn and gather more tools to take with me on my journey as a healer, to ultimately help others. Rather poetically this transformed into an experience to heal and evolve myself foremost. I came into a deeper understanding of what it means to consciously evolve, put healthy boundaries in place, and serve others by taking responsibility for yourself first. This choice has enriched my personal journey and passion to heal myself and others more than I can ever put into words. It has expanded my mind and heart to the vastness of who and what I am and we all are. If you are seeking out a teacher in Metaphysics who will impart wisdom, teach you timeless tools, empower you, and help you to realise your unique innate potential then Sally is for you. I also did Reiki 1 Jin Kei with Sally and absolutely loved the Eastern Reiki lineage experience. Compassion and wisdom are key elements of my path and this was such a perfect fit. I am grateful to be learning from and guided by this truly otherworldly soul. I am grateful to be reunited with beautiful soul family through courses. I am grateful to be here at this time of great change and evolution of our collective consciousness, and our beloved Planet. Blessings to all. ”

Sally Rossiter

“Francois and I started our journey with Sally Rossiter in September 2020.
Metaphysics 1 will give you amazing tools and self awareness so you can heal yourself and those around you.
Your mind and soul will be taken on a journey of awakening.
Sally isn't only an incredible, articulate and charismatic teacher but also a straight talking woman with a great sense of humor.
With metaphysics 1 you will meet and befriend other like minded individuals.
It's time to meet your tribe!
Trust your intuition and enrich your journey!
Start metaphysics training with Sally Rossiter.
It'll be the best decision you make this year.