Applied Metaphysics Level II

Take conscious control of your evolution






Metaphysics one is a prerequisite for this training.

In metaphysics II we are introduced to ourselves as interdimensional beings for the first time. This is necessary as we begin to activate our vertical evolution. The vertical evolution is the process of bringing healing and balance to ourselves through all dimensions of manifested reality pertinent to our souls’ experiences.

When we understand ourselves at the soul level, we come to know the full truth of our own nature, and the nature of the universe.

The vertical evolution requires a more conscious experience of the various dimensions and ourselves within them. It is the balancing of self and the owning of our power in other dimensions which brings the completion of the vertical evolution. 

Each class covers the theory and the practice of the tools given, and they are the tools which would be required to activate the vertical evolution. These tools are utilized largely for ourselves however they also expand us psychically, which makes us better healers and supports our service to others.

There are 10 classes over five months, with a class every two weeks. The classes are three hours long. They are available in person at certain locations, online and as archived material for a limited time.


Next Live class begins 21 October 2021

Recorded classes also available. Work in your own time zone

Touch your cosmic nature


Applied Metaphysics Costs

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ZAR 1000 or USD68

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ZAR900 or USD61

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ZAR10000 or USD680

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ZAR 9000 or USD612

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Sally Rossiter

“A massive thank you to Sally for everything she has taught me over the last 8 years. Through her teaching I have been able to gain deeper knowledge of self and signifiicantly shift my life through better energy management in both business and in my personal space. Sharing your amazing life journey through your material, brings phenomenal insight to all who come in contact with you, and a practical application to the situations we find ourselves in every day. The experience has been truly rewarding and I feel better equipped in life no matter how the experiences unfolds.