Applied Metaphysics III

Experience your inter-dimensional nature 





Metaphysics I and II are the prerequisite for this training

In metaphysics II we began the stimulation of our vertical evolution.

In metaphysics III we consciously engage it and embrace the tools to make the vertical evolution a conscious experience. Through these tools we are empowered to function inter dimensionally in a conscious way, learning to balance reality better. We begin to work with the human energy system more deeply, and further develop our skills as healers. We are able to access the contracts which support our human existence and the existence of others. 

These tools again develop us as people and as healers, making us more empowered in our service of others and the world.

Each class covers the theory and the practice of the tools given.


There are 12 classes over 6 months, with a class every 2 weeks. The classes are 3 hours long. They are available in person at certain locations, online and as archived material for a limited time.

Next live class begins 6 October 2021

Recorded classes also available so you can work in your own time zone

Evolve yourself

Experience your interdimensional nature

Access your truth


Applied Metaphysics III costs

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Cost per class

ZAR1000 or USD68

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ZAR 900 or USD61

Cost for full course

ZAR12000 or USD816

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ZAR 10800 or USD732

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Sally Rossiter

“When asked if there has been an influential person in one’s life, people often need to stop and truly ponder who that person may be. People would possibly mention a family member, maybe a friend or if they are fortunate a teacher. In Sally I have found both the teacher and a friend, and the influence positively life changing.
Sally’s classes have been an exceptionally happy place for me. Not just the fascinating subject matter but the space Sally holds during class. Always compassionate, engaging, warm and with a good dose of humour. I remember the moments of true enlightenment, having my spirit not just lifted when needed but also supported. Sally’s classes have been life changing, and the overall experience I can only describe as, it feels like I’ve finally come home. ”