Applied Metaphysics IV

Explore your interdimensional self & the cosmos 





Prerequisite metaphysics I, metaphysics II and metaphysics III.

At this stage of our training, and our evolution, we have arrived at the conclusion of our vertical evolution. This means we have brought into balance our own consciousness as it is expressed inter dimensionally. Now we are able to experience that consciousness in an unlimited way and in the process come to understand the spiritual universe first-hand.

In metaphysics IV we access the tools which make possible a conscious exploration of the dimensions and their vastness. Naturally, we exist in all of these realities simultaneously, but these tools make it possible for us to do so now consciously.

These tools further develop and expand us, leaving us more empowered in our service and our expression.

Each class covers the theory and the practice of the tools given.


There are 18 classes over 9 months, with a class every 2 weeks. The classes are 3 hours long. They are available in person at certain locations, online and as archived material for a limited time.


Recordings available so you can work in your own time zone

The ultimate, in depth, and expanded experience of your consciousness

Pricing options

Cost per class

ZAR1000 or USD68

per class

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ZAR 900 or USD61

Cost for full training

ZAR18000 or USD1100

paid in advance

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Premium Member Price
ZAR16 200 or USD990

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Sally Rossiter

“I began the extraordinary journey with Sally as my teacher, healer and mentor well over a decade ago. Her teachings have catapulted my conscious evolution exponentially and brought immeasurable depth and richness to my human experience. She is a constant inspiration to me as a being who is unwaveringly aligned to truth and is an exceptional teacher, bringing such a sense of playfulness, humour and humility to her work; simply being in her presence is an honour. Her willingness to share the incredible and transformation tools that she has channelled over the years and her passion for her work in every arena is exceptional. She is a gift to all of us on this planet and for generations to come, the brightest light, the most open heart and purest soul. It is hard to convey in mere words my deep and heartfelt gratitude.”