Touching Intuition Workshop

Intuition is the language of the soul and we all speak it





Oliver Wendell Holmes

To thrive in a world that is expanding we must expand.  To perceive and function through our five physical senses has become limiting. We must expand our higher sensory perception and engage the higher guidance available to us through the languages of the soul. This information is available to us constantly and is ever present in our environment. But it is up to us to learn how to access it and read it successfully.

Intuition is the wise place within us that has gathered and assimilated information from all our senses – physical or instinctual; mental or logical; spiritual or psychic and emotional.  It gives us insights into the bigger picture (The Divine Plan).  These insights consider everybody’s role in that plan and present solutions to us that are in everyone’s best interests.  This removes our own limited self-involved perspective. 

To live with our intuition intact, trusting it and feeling confident to act or make choices based on intuition is both natural and empowering.

This workshop spans three classes, and each class is about five hours long. Classes are available in person at certain locations and online.

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