Children's Metaphysics Training

Gifting a child with conscious tools for life










In this training Sally does not work with children’s groups directly herself, but trains teachers to facilitate this material for children.

However, of the 16 classes, 12 classes involve the practical application of this material to a group of children by the trainee teachers. 

The trainee teachers’ classes are 4 hours long, and the children’s classes are 2 1/2 hours in duration.

The groups of children we work with are small, enabling personal attention.

Some of the tools we cover include work with the four elements, identifying and managing emotions, understanding the chakras and the aura, enabling children to manage themselves energetically better.

It is fun, informative and empowers children with the practical skills to live consciously.

In the teaching practice group, parents can attend with their kids, and are encouraged to do so, if possible. 

If you love working with kids and want to help them become empowered to live more consciously, this is for you. 

This training is available online and in person.

Premium members receive a 10% discount on quoted prices 


Our conscious children need to be educated in more than writing and reading

 They need to be equipped to manage energy

They need to understand they are living in a conscious universe

Children's Metaphysics Costs


ZAR 1000 or US$68

per class

Premium members receive a 10% discount on this price

Premium Member Price
ZAR 900 or US$58

Annual licencing agreement


for the first year

Thereafter licensing fee applies and is renewable annually

Premium members receive a 10% discount

ZAR 16000 or US$1032

for full training

Premium members receive a 10% discount on this price

Premium Member Price
ZAR 14400 or US$930

** Premium Members : Please check the Membership Site for the coupon code and enter the code to get your discounted price. 

Sally Rossiter

“I value the way Sally selflessly shares her teachings and wisdom.
She has an amazing way of imparting knowledge and interpreting Spirit
She shares her gift, encouraging us to develop ours.
Her comfort and ease in the way she teaches allows each of her students to feel special
Each class leaves me with something that I can incorporate into my life, and this helps me grow ”