Resolving the battle of the sexes

The patriarch is dead. The balanced masculine & feminine are our future










As we speed into the consciousness of a new planetary Karmic cycle, the relationship between the Masculine and Feminine is being highlighted.

A core wounding has been created on the planet for both the masculine and the feminine. We associate the perpetrator of the core wound with the Patriarch and the Patriarch with the masculine. This is the first perception we must correct.

The Patriarch is a system, a structure, a conditioning which is used to manipulate both the masculine and the feminine into role playing, which is distant from the true nature of both these powers. It has used the masculine to suppress the feminine, turning the sexes against each other, just as the same manipulative force used the feminine to suppress the masculine during the ages of the Matriarch. In fact, this force has been manipulating the consciousness of the planet for eons. Its goal? To keep humanity unconscious, unbalanced and in conflict. This manipulation would have us believe we do this to each other as this is our nature.  It is neither our nature nor our truth.

The result of this manipulation is the core wound of mistrust.

This is a single class which uncovers the myths of conditioning which have created the wounds between the masculine and the feminine. Further we cover the solutions to these misperceptions to create a new way forward for these two vital frequencies, beginning with the re-balancing within ourselves and then all our relationships.

This workshop is vital if you are in a relationship or wish to be in a relationship.

The class spans four hours. It is available online and in person.

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The balance of the Yin & Yang is the basis of all healing

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