The 12 Opposing Forces

These forces offer a new way of being


Whether or not we have mastered our patterning, we still seem to be susceptible to the impact of external energies, other people’s projections, the energies of our environments, the group consciousness etc. These effects create suffering in various ways, affecting us emotionally, mentally and even physically. Eventually we feel battered.

We may have reached the point where we say “enough!” but how do we live in this world, participating as we must and remain unaffected by it?  The answer is simple but the journey to understanding is a little more complex. 

The 12 opposing forces are the 12 energies woven into creation, existing beyond the Archetypes.

When we operate through these forces or energies, we are fluid like Water, still as the Earth, effective as Fire and as transparent as the Wind. These forces are the truth of our nature and exist beyond our core wounding.

The training spans three classes, each class is 5 hours in duration. They are available online and in person.


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Beyond the Archetypes, the 12 opposing forces are the origin of our being

Workshop costs

ZAR 2500 or USD168


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Sally Rossiter

““Where do I begin” is a good question to ask and the perfect way to find out is through doing the Meta Classes with Sally. I definitely know they can’t be described but should be felt and experienced!

Sally’s Meta classes from I to IV have been hugely transformational for me. They have expanded my conciseness, mind, body and soul on to and into places I did not think were possible, in the most magnificent way!

To put it in the most profound and simplest way … through my journey with Sally and the Metaphysic’s work, I have found that, “I am who I have been looking for”!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul Sally for your deeply insightful teachings and guidance! ”