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Channeling is the art of interdimensional communication. It is a natural ability in all people, although that is a hard truth for some.

Through the expansion of our consciousness, and directed teaching, channeling becomes naturally accessible for us. It opens to us a world of guides, angels, and conscious beings of many different frequencies who enrich our lives with guidance, higher understanding, and divine inspiration.

We cover the practical and theoretic aspects of channeling including connection, disconnection, posture while channeling, who we are able to channel, the levels of consciousness and how to access them, focusing the mind to channel, trusting the information etc. We make our connections to the beings we are going to work with and begin by channeling various types of questions to get a feel for the types of information available to us. We also work with channeling for other people.

The training spans three classes, and each class is 5 hours long. There is no specific prerequisite for this training, but the intuition class is recommended.

The class has a follow up 6 weeks later, when everyone has had a chance to practice alone. The purpose of the follow up is to deal with any challenges or question which may have arisen.

Recorded classes also available

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Open yourself to your natural channeling ability and expand your world

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Channeling Workshop Costs

Cost of full training

ZAR2500 or USD168

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ZAR 2250 or USD151

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Sally Rossiter

“Sally's transformative work is unsurpassed with a key touchpoint being to raise the consciousness of our planet, the universe, and of us as light beings to the highest level possible. Yet, it is deeply rooted in the reality and practicalities of our earthly lives. I have had the privilege of training under Sal for several years now and she is a powerful empath and healer who generously shares her extensive knowledge of profound metaphysical concepts and practices. Sal encompasses the notion that a healer is someone who "triggers within you your own ability to heal yourself" and one of the most fundamental things she has empowered me to do is to trust myself. Sal is wonderful, warm, gentle, funny and universal and I have grown enormously under her guidance and training. ”